The inside of the restaurant is beautiful — both chic and rustic with wood furnishing, leather chairs and elegant lighting. The food is classic American and farm-fresh, but emphasizes artistry and presentation. The Guild House uses unique and healthy ingredients. – Akayla Gardner, The Lantern

I’M STILL WONDERING IF THE “M” STANDS FOR MAGICAL. How could I come to such a conclusion? How could a dining experience seem so enchanting? Was it the stunning decor? The service? The food and drinks? All of that and everything in between? My dining experience was more than just about eating food. – Columbus Food Troll

We picked two starters. The fried oysters arrive out of the shell and on a bed of salt. They’re light and crispy, topped with a pickled pepper relish and sitting on a lemon aioli. These were top notch. They’re three to an order, but we could have eaten a dozen each. – Breakfast with Nick (on Del Mar SoCal Kitchen)

Local restaurateur Cameron Mitchell has built a foodie empire that includes some 36 restaurants in 12 states. The centerpiece might very well be The Guild House, located in the midst of Short North. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s farm-to-table cuisine with a blended cosmopolitan vibe of hip, often repurposed décor—“suitable for revelry or relaxation”—and mismatched, grandmotherly china. – Chez Chesak, Cincinnati Refined

When discussing the Columbus restaurant scene, it should come as no surprise that Cameron Mitchell is still the logical starting point. Expanding to include hit concepts like The Pearl, Del Mar, and Lincoln Social, Mitchell’s stable offerings remained at the forefront of the local food and drink scene in the 2010s. – (614) Magazine

I could spend a few hundred more words describing the knowledgeable and well-groomed staff, the attractive lighting, or how the two modestly-sized TVs above the bar satisfy sports customers, yet do not distract from the overall ambiance, but I think seven little words will do the trick: people of Columbus absolutely adore Lincoln Social. – Regina Fox, (614) Magazine

The final five tenants for Cameron Mitchell’s Budd Dairy Food Hall have been announced. Representing a variety of cuisines, Boni: Filipino Street Food, Cousins Maine Lobster, Pokebap, Stauf’s Coffee Roasters and Tacos Rudos will join the food incubator in Italian Village at 1086 N. Fourth St. – Columbus Underground

Under the direction of [Executive Chef Jason] Shelley, Ocean Prime’s from-scratch kitchen provides a premium dining experience that includes the highest quality ingredients, as well as simple, pure, local and regional flavors. –Inside

The upscale seafood and steak dishes here include an unexpected riff on the classic lobster roll. The kitchen folds lobster meat with kiwi, pickled serrano peppers, masago and a spicy mango purée. –Eater

It’s rare to find a restaurant that can provide fuel for power business meetings, romance for an anniversary dinner, energize a spirited girl’s night out and set the stage for the pretheater crowd, but Ocean Prime Naples does it all. – Suite Life Magazine

If you are looking to impress your date, Ocean Prime offers a sophisticated dining experience from start to finish. The knowledgeable and attentive staff will guide you through the menu of showstopping favorites. – Naples Illustrated

I am always so impressed with the service I receive at all the Cameron Mitchell restaurants. It’s always excellent and always above and beyond. This is consistent, and it’s been consistent at every stage of my life.

The broke college kid going to cheap happy hours at Cap City Grandview? Amazing service. The exhausted new parent trying to make it through a quick meal at Molly Woo’s before the baby wakes up? Amazing service. A dinner to celebrate a birthday with friends at Ocean Club? Amazing service. Taking your whole (loud and crazy) family to a nice brunch at The Barn at Rocky Fork Creek to celebrate graduation? Amazing service.

I’m especially fascinated by this because I used to be a restaurant manager. I know first hand that you can’t force people to provide good service. You have to inspire them to give good service. It has to be earned, and hats off to their entire corporate culture for being able to inspire such high standards, consistently.
-Lakes and Lattes

Beyond Ocean Prime’s delightfully juicy filet mignon, beyond the towering 10-layer carrot cake stacked atop a smear of pineapple syrup, I’ve always found the service here exceptional.
– Naples News

Though Ocean Prime has just made its debut in April, this seafood and steakhouse has already to proven itself to be supreme in cuisine, ambiance, and cocktails.
– Urban Matter

Stop by this restaurant and lounge if you’re looking for a fancy night out under vibrant lighting and a slew of vase-borne flora.
– Hoodline

Ocean Prime has cemented their spot as one of the best steak and seafood eateries in the city, and now they are vying for the title of the best spot for popcorn in the city as well.
– Metro

It has a multi-million dollar wine cellar and all the fish and crustacean delicacies you could ever dream of.
– 303 Magazine

Ocean Prime has earned their spot as one of the top steakhouses in the city, and there is a good reason why.
– Metro USA

The best part of the meal may be the last course, which is definitely the sweetest. Guests who dine at Ocean Prime have the option of warm butter cake or classic Crème Brûlée for dessert.
– Metro USA

A year after announcing the Budd Dairy Food Hall concept in Italian Village, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants (CMR) has revealed its first two restauranteur tenants. Borgata Pizza Café, created by chefs Ed Bisconti and Roz Auddino, and Darista, created by chef Dara Schwartz, will open locations in the new food hall later this year.
– 614now

Hummus and more pizza will make their way to Italian Village. Borgata Pizza Cafe and Darista are the first “chef partners” to be announced at the new Budd Dairy Food Hall, 1086 N. 4th St., a partnership between Cameron Mitchell Restaurants and Short North/Italian Village real estate developer Kevin Lykens. The food hall is to open later this year with 14,000 square feet plus a rooftop deck. “We are thrilled to work with Borgata and Darista as they expand their offerings and grow as restaurateurs,” Steve Weis, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants’ vice president of development, said in a news release.
– Megan Henry, The Columbus Dispatch

“Harvey & Ed’s is Cameron Mitchell’s latest Short North restaurant (bringing his total to five within a few blocks’ radius). This one is an ode to the classic Jewish delicatessen with a clean bistro setting and, thankfully, not an ounce of kitsch. As at all Mitchell’s restaurants, diners can expect spot-on execution and gracious service. Skip the pastrami and opt instead for the brisket or house-cured salmon with a Block’s bagel and whipped cream cheese.”
– Beth Stallings, Eater

“This upscale spot serves dishes that look just as good as they taste – and they taste pretty damn good. However, we can’t promise ordering will be easy. The twin lobster tails, beef stroganoff and short rib grilled cheese are just a few of your options, so you really can’t go wrong no matter what you order. After asking your server for “another five minutes” two or three times, you’ll know why Dublin is thrilled to be home to The Avenue’s second location, and why Wine Spectator presented The Avenue with a 2018 Award of Excellence.”
– Amando DePerro, CityScene Columbus

“At The Pearl in Columbus, Ohio, Executive Pastry Chef Summer Schott incorporates her childhood love for the Midwest’s maple candy in her maple pecan pie. Pure maple syrup replaces the usual corn syrup in her recipe, blended with butter, brown sugar, whole pecans, and a hint of vanilla. It’s all poured into a flaky, lightly browned crust and almost always served with ice cream. Schott gives her bakers a bit of creative license with accompaniments, letting them choose to accent the sweet maple flavor with salty bits of candied bacon or complement it with chocolate chunks.”
– Leigh Kunkel, FSR Magazine

“CMR management turnover is less than 10 percent. Our culture and benefits are what keeps our associates. Providing a well-balanced work life and personal life is very important to us. Look at their culture first. Provide a great work environment first and foremost. If your managers and their teams are happy, they will then take care of your guests, who in turn will take care of your company.”
 David Miller, President & COO at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants (quoted by FSR Magazine)

“The Pearl is a perfect marriage of comfort food and oyster bar.”
– Columbus Navigator

“M at Miranova is dramatic. The restaurant’s decor is vibrant and elegant, creating a unique fine dining experience.”
– Columbus Navigator

“The award-winning Ocean Prime is a particular highlight, specializing in steaks and stunning seafood that will leave you happily ditching the diet.”
– The Daily Mirror, Tampa

“There is a “wow factor” for every dish served here – portions are large, and both presentation and quality are top notch.”
– New York Lifestyle Magazine, Beverly Hills

“Ocean Prime has received the reputation of being one of the best restaurants in all of Philly, and rightfully so. The delectable seafood and steakhouse not only offers exquisite food and drinks; but also offers an atmosphere so comfortable yet refined. Every meal is crafted like a worth of art, and every last bite leaves you wanting more.”
– MetroPhilly

“One of Center City’s most stunning seafood and steakhouses has a fantastic pasta dish to enjoy along with the rest of their savory menu items. Vegetarians will love their Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli served with golden oak mushrooms and topped with a delicious home-made white wine garlic sauce.”
– MetroPhilly

“Ocean Prime delivers on all fronts, interesting and delicious combinations, unique flavors, artfully presented.”
– The Hedonist, Beverly Hills

“Part of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, the Columbus-based powerhouse group celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, The Guild House is one of the more formal restaurants in the portfolio, named for the meaning of “guild,” a group of artisans holding each other to the highest standards possible. These sticky-spicy-sweet lamb chops are an appetizer as a shareable small plate with the chops resting on vegetable fried rice, a highly elevated echo of the takeout favorite.”
– Tara Fitzpatrick, Restaurant Hospitality

“The food at The Pearl is wonderful. Truly, I’ve never had a bad meal there. But honestly, I go to brunch there for the Bloody Mary’s.”
– Columbus Navigator

“Save room for a black and white cookie for dessert or the Chocolate Babka. Harvey & Ed’s babka dessert consists of a bread dough rolled into a spiral with chocolate pieces, then sliced and prepared into French Toast. The result is a gooey, melty chocolate confection crowned with whipped cream and berries. I’ll have to make a return for brunch too; the menu’s Pastrami Hash and Knish Quiche are calling my name, but I also could use an excuse to eat that Babka again.”
– Caroline, Columbus Culinary Connection

“Cameron Mitchell’s Hudson 29 at Market & Main in New Albany is my go-to place for everything from a business lunch with colleagues to dinner with my wife and daughters or drinks with friends. The food is terrific, and I really enjoy the burger and fries or the sushi if I’m trying to eat healthy. I especially enjoy sitting outside on the patio that overlooks the Market & Main Street area in the heart of our community.”
-Bill Ebbing, The New Albany Co

“Even after 25 years, no matter the question, the answer is, “Yes.” That’s the core philosophy behind Cameron Mitchell’s 25-year run in the central Ohio and now national restaurant scene.”
-The Columbus Dispatch

Cameron Mitchell, who started and runs one of the largest restaurant groups in the country, brought me to Columbus. We sat in his office for over an hour talking about how he started as a chef, his new book, where his drive came from and how passionate he now is about leaving a legacy in Columbus.  I felt relaxed, like I was in a family living room, having a conversation. And that’s exactly how Cameron wanted me to feel because he knows hospitality is more than just food, it’s creating a moment.
– Jeff Barrett, Inc. 

“At a time when finding and keeping workers is a top challenge, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants boasts some impressive numbers: A management turnover rate of 5.4 percent, compared with the 50 percent industry average. The company’s hourly turnover is 42 percent, versus 100 percent industrywide, and 80 percent of hires are promoted from within.”
– Tara Fitzpatrick, Restaurant Hospitality

“I don’t really like the word trend; ‘trendy’ means it’s already passé. For us, it’s more about what are the constants. What do we constantly do day-in and day-out that makes us great? We want to be relevant – that’s more the word I would use – than trendy. Trendy is more applies to the bar scene. We’re more about being consistent, offering great quality food, stay on point and stay current.”
– Brian Hinshaw, Senior Vice President of Food & Beverage at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants (quoted by The Daily Meal)  

“By creating this little Tuscan respite, Cameron Mitchell has carved out a niche that culinary aficionados have enthusiastically embraced. With time-tested cooking techniques, flavorful food, and excellent service, Marcella’s is on track to become another iconic Denver eatery.”
-Ron Stern, Communities Digital News

“The latest creation from Cameron Mitchell Restaurants combines Jewish comfort food classics with artful execution in a Short North space that evokes the unpretentious ease of an East Coast eatery.”
-Stock & Barrel (on Harvey & Ed’s)

“A handsome, upscale tavern with a serious kitchen, many deli-style dishes and the kind of gracious, knowledgeable service for which Cameron Mitchell’s restaurants are known.”
G.A. Benton, Columbus Alive (on Harvey & Ed’s)

“I especially like the rich and aromatic truffled eggs, which places poached eggs, mushrooms, asparagus, bacon, shaved truffles, and a gruyere cream on top of potato pancakes. Between the mushrooms and the truffles, you can smell the dish coming from across the room.”
Breakfast With Nick (on The Guild House)

“Chocolate Babka comes as a variant of french toast, thickly sliced, and fried for crispy edges. It’s deeply chocolatey inside, and topped with sugared strawberries and whipped cream, with syrup accompanying it in a teeny pitcher. Just a little drizzle of the syrup puts an extra dose of sweetness into an already sublime combo.”
Miriam Bowers Abbott, Columbus Underground (on Harvey & Ed’s)

“If you ever have that discussion with friends about what your last meal would be on this earth, one at Ocean Prime would spring to mind.”
– London Evening Newspaper

“There are only a handful of restaurants in Denver where service is impeccable, a perfect blend of formality, ceremony but also warmth. Ocean Prime is one of those places.  Every time I’ve gone, whether for a full meal or just a pre-theater cocktail, one thing is for certain – I’ll feel pampered while still feeling a connection with my server.”
– In Good Taste Denver

“We have a saying here in Columbus that if it’s not for all, then it’s not for us…Mitchell Hall will certainly be for all and it is certainly for Columbus.”
– City Council President Shannon G. Hardin

“Cameron Mitchell owns a series of restaurants around the city of Columbus. Based on my experiences, I am comfortable calling the man brilliant. His restaurants are hip, creative, and delicious! I would go as far to say that I’ve never had a meal I didn’t enjoy.”
– Babbling Brooke

“The happy hour at The Guild House — Cameron Mitchell’s best restaurant and one of the best restaurants in Columbus — might be the best-kept food secret in town.”
– G.A. Benton, Columbus Alive

“Named after the Hudson River Valley, home of the Culinary Institute of America and Highway 29 which runs through Napa Valley, this locale is a celebration of great flavors from coast to cast.”
– National Church Residences (on Hudson 29)

“Marcella’s spaghetti and meatball dish is a can’t-miss. They call the giant veal meatball the eighth wonder of the world.”
– Alexandra Palmerton,

“The Pork Osso Buco was a perfectly cooked pork shank, literally falling off the bone into a moat of polenta covered in gremolata, brussel shavings and carrots. It was the epitome of Italian comfort food and reminded me of a hearty homemade pot roast.”
-Kimberly Irwin, Denver She Wrote (on Marcella’s Denver)

“This pizza is worth breaking every New Year’s resolution you’ve ever made.”
– Annie, Rocky Mountain Bliss (on Marcella’s Denver)

“I personally believe that The Avenue has the best Porterhouse steak in the city. If you’ve never had a Porterhouse steak, you should prepare yourself for what is likely the largest piece of meat you’ve ever been served. Traditionally, the porterhouse is cut thicker and has much more of the tenderloin left in. The Avenue is no exception.”
– Chelsea Wiley, Columbus Navigator

“If you’re looking for upscale dining, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, which started in Columbus, are always a good option. From The Avenue Steak Tavern, an all-occasion steakhouse in Grandview Heights, to The Pearl, a restaurant, tavern and oyster room serving made-from-scratch comfort food in the Short North Arts District.”
– Out in Cbus

“Cameron Mitchell Restaurants puts employees first. And that’s not a platitude it pipes out to sound good; it’s been a principle of the company for 25 years.”
– Amanda Baltazar, FSR May 2018

“Overall Marcella’s is a great place to go for any food enthusiast or even just someone looking to treat themselves to a nice Italian dinner. It’s affordable yet elegant and the service is fantastic. There’s delicious food for anyone craving homestyle Italian food. So next time you’re craving Italian cuisine, try Marcella’s.”
– Stephenie Thorne, Spoon University on May 19, 2018

“The national steakhouse-and-seafood chain has finally hit NYC, and you know what that means…we’re going to need a lobster bib immediately.”

“The national attention aside, Mitchell is genuine about adding and enriching the Columbus scene.”
Dan Eaton, Columbus Business First

“I can promise you that they will make you feel welcome and appreciated, and you will be treated like a VIP. When you dine at Ocean Prime, you will have a truly extraordinary dining experience.”
Dustin Heller, Fox 59

“There are some seafood restaurants that are all about the laid-back island lifestyle. Not Cameron Mitchell Restaurants’ Ocean Prime, where glamour and decadence are the name of the game.”
– FSR Magazine, 6 Essential Seafood Restaurants

“If you’re looking for a steakhouse while in New York — where you may also rub shoulders with celebs — look no further than Ocean Prime! The restauranteur Cameron Mitchell’s iconic eatery has been favorite of celebs for years, and if you go, you can understand why!”
– Life & Style Magazine

“You know they can deliver on seafood here. The chilled crabmeat cocktail comes in an elegant coupe that billows dry-ice mist, swirling around half a dozen pristine hunks of crabmeat you might deign to anoint with a Louis sauce. But Ocean Prime takes the second word in its name just as seriously, with steaks that come out on hot oval plates after a salubrious stint at 1,200 degrees.”
– D Magazine, Top 10 Steakhouses

“Seafood and steak are surrounded by swankiness at this Modern American haunt”
– Thrillist, LA

“Ocean Prime.. specializes in delivering steak, seafood and spectacular sweets in one of Naples’ most elegant surroundings.”
– Forbes Travel Guide

“From bubbles, bourbon, and gimlets to lobster rolls, sea bass, raviliois and prime steak choices…Ocean Prime in Naples is the culinary hub to dine at time and again for every meal and every reason. It is exhilarating for the foodie in all of us and holds all the excitement and glory you’d expect in a dining experience.”
– The Naples Herald

“Ocean Prime oozes elegance, from its sea-inspired sculptures and dimly lit dining area to its views of Larimer Square and intimate private dining spaces.”
– The Denver Post

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