“We have a saying here in Columbus that if it’s not for all, then it’s not for us…Mitchell Hall will certainly be for all and it is certainly for Columbus.”
– City Council President Shannon G. Hardin

Cameron Mitchell owns a series of restaurants around the city of Columbus. Based on my experiences, I am comfortable calling the man brilliant. His restaurants are hip, creative, and delicious! I would go as far to say that I’ve never had a meal I didn’t enjoy.
– Babbling Brooke

The happy hour at The Guild House — Cameron Mitchell’s best restaurant and one of the best restaurants in Columbus — might be the best-kept food secret in town.
– G.A. Benton, Columbus Alive

Named after the Hudson River Valley, home of the Culinary Institute of America and Highway 29 which runs through Napa Valley, this locale is a celebration of great flavors from coast to cast.
– National Church Residences (on Hudson 29)

Marcella’s spaghetti and meatball dish is a can’t-miss. They call the giant veal meatball the eighth wonder of the world.
– Alexandra Palmerton,

The Pork Osso Buco was a perfectly cooked pork shank, literally falling off the bone into a moat of polenta covered in gremolata, brussel shavings and carrots. It was the epitome of Italian comfort food and reminded me of a hearty homemade pot roast.
-Kimberly Irwin, Denver She Wrote (on Marcella’s Denver)

This pizza is worth breaking every New Year’s resolution you’ve ever made.
– Annie, Rocky Mountain Bliss (on Marcella’s Denver)

I personally believe that The Avenue has the best Porterhouse steak in the city. If you’ve never had a Porterhouse steak, you should prepare yourself for what is likely the largest piece of meat you’ve ever been served. Traditionally, the porterhouse is cut thicker and has much more of the tenderloin left in. The Avenue is no exception.
– Chelsea Wiley, Columbus Navigator

If you’re looking for upscale dining, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, which started in Columbus, are always a good option. From The Avenue Steak Tavern, an all-occasion steakhouse in Grandview Heights, to The Pearl, a restaurant, tavern and oyster room serving made-from-scratch comfort food in the Short North Arts District.
– Out in Cbus

Cameron Mitchell Restaurants puts employees first. And that’s not a platitude it pipes out to sound good; it’s been a principle of the company for 25 years.
– Amanda Baltazar, FSR May 2018

Overall Marcella’s is a great place to go for any food enthusiast or even just someone looking to treat themselves to a nice Italian dinner. It’s affordable yet elegant and the service is fantastic. There’s delicious food for anyone craving homestyle Italian food. So next time you’re craving Italian cuisine, try Marcella’s.
– Stephenie Thorne, Spoon University on May 19, 2018

“The national steakhouse-and-seafood chain has finally hit NYC, and you know what that means…we’re going to need a lobster bib immediately.”

“The national attention aside, Mitchell is genuine about adding and enriching the Columbus scene.”
Dan Eaton, Columbus Business First

“I can promise you that they will make you feel welcome and appreciated, and you will be treated like a VIP. When you dine at Ocean Prime, you will have a truly extraordinary dining experience.”
Dustin Heller, Fox 59

“There are some seafood restaurants that are all about the laid-back island lifestyle. Not Cameron Mitchell Restaurants’ Ocean Prime, where glamour and decadence are the name of the game.”
– FSR Magazine, 6 Essential Seafood Restaurants

“If you’re looking for a steakhouse while in New York — where you may also rub shoulders with celebs — look no further than Ocean Prime! The restauranteur Cameron Mitchell’s iconic eatery has been favorite of celebs for years, and if you go, you can understand why!”
– Life & Style Magazine

“You know they can deliver on seafood here. The chilled crabmeat cocktail comes in an elegant coupe that billows dry-ice mist, swirling around half a dozen pristine hunks of crabmeat you might deign to anoint with a Louis sauce. But Ocean Prime takes the second word in its name just as seriously, with steaks that come out on hot oval plates after a salubrious stint at 1,200 degrees.”
– D Magazine, Top 10 Steakhouses

“Seafood and steak are surrounded by swankiness at this Modern American haunt”
– Thrillist, LA

“Ocean Prime.. specializes in delivering steak, seafood and spectacular sweets in one of Naples’ most elegant surroundings.”
– Forbes Travel Guide

“From bubbles, bourbon, and gimlets to lobster rolls, sea bass, raviliois and prime steak choices…Ocean Prime in Naples is the culinary hub to dine at time and again for every meal and every reason. It is exhilarating for the foodie in all of us and holds all the excitement and glory you’d expect in a dining experience.”
– The Naples Herald

“Ocean Prime oozes elegance, from its sea-inspired sculptures and dimly lit dining area to its views of Larimer Square and intimate private dining spaces.”
– The Denver Post

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