Responsible Sourcing

Our Commitment to Responsible Sourcing

Cameron Mitchell Restaurants has built a reputation centered on quality service, ambiance and uncompromising food. Our 24-year commitment to responsible sourcing of the highest-quality ingredients has naturally aligned us with farmers, fishermen, processors, suppliers and bakers who share our commitment. Their products reflect the level of quality we demand.

High quality on the plate starts with the highest-quality ingredients. We have done business in this fashion since day one and will continue to do so. We do it because it is the right thing to do.

Every day, we work in partnership with our suppliers to source even more local ingredients, when those products meet our high standards. That means taking advantage of foods available from local farmers, featuring items that are locally sourced when possible, and securing products for our menus that reflect both our quality expectations and our commitment to responsible sourcing.

The CMR Commitment

  • Sourcing the highest-quality ingredients in a responsible manner
  • Aligning with suppliers and vendors who share our values
  • Increasing our sourcing of local ingredients when appropriate
  • Encouraging our associates to be engaged in responsible sourcing selections
  • Developing menus and offering special menu features that reflect our commitment
  • Responding to the desires of our guests for a variety of choices in our restaurants

We are also making multiple changes inside our restaurants which focus on preserving the environment for future generations. Each restaurant is a little different and we are committed to the following efforts:

Most CMR restaurants

  • use bleached recycled content napkins
  • have implemented energy saving opportunities such as LED lighting and energy efficient kitchen equipment
  • have implemented water saving technologies such as low flow plumbing fixtures
  • are partnering with Valero and DarPro Solutions converting our used cooking oils to green diesel

Pairing with our Partners: Putting it all Together

North Coast Seafood:
North Coast Seafoods is a third generation, family owned, global seafood enterprise that is committed to sustainably harvested seafood in local communities around the globe. MSC (Marine stewardship council), BAP (best aquaculture practices) and GAA (global aquaculture alliance) are among the many sustainable certifying organizations we have jointly partnered with to ensure we are feeding our future generations with sustainable, responsibly harvested seafood.

Chef’s Garden:
Chef’s Garden’s mission is to shape and redefine sustainable agriculture by creating a template that will attract, inspire and retain young farmers. Through their traditional farming practices and philosophy, their mission is to restore America’s farmland. The conversations they have had with chefs has resulted in a narrative intrinsic to the quality of the products they grow and the sustainable agricultural practices they implement to do it.” Their practices ensure safe and sustainable growing that serve to protect and enrich the consumer for generations to come. Learn more about Chef’s Garden’s Sustainability »

Catanese Seafood:
With seafood sustainability being an ever-evolving journey, Catanese’s ultimate goal is to ensure that fisheries worldwide become sustainable. Their vision is to have proper management of our waterways that will provide wonderful seafood products for all future generations. Catanese places high importance on traceability of their seafood and holds their suppliers to accountability on the products they are providing. More about Catanese’s Sustainability »

ProAct has created the program ‘Greener Fields Together’ which is the industry’s first comprehensive, national, seed-to-fork sustainability program. Through resource sharing and a focus on continuous improvement, the initiative provides a level of assurance that produce sourced and delivered through their network has been grown, harvested and handled using sustainable practices. More about ProAct’s Sustainabilty »

DAR PRO Solutions:
DAR PRO Solutions transforms used cooking oil, fats and grease trap materials into valuable new resources that contribute to a more sustainable world. We process organic meat byproducts and used cooking oils to create biodiesel, renewable diesel, and nutritional ingredients for livestock feed and pet food. The processed oils, fats and fatty acids are also used for industrial and commercial purposes, and can be found in a variety of consumer products used in homes across the world. When possible, DAR PRO repurposes trap material as fuel for our processing plant operations, or where permitted, as a fertilizer for non-food vegetation. Read more about sustainable biofuel & biodiesel production here »

From advocating low-impact farming methods to using hybrid diesel delivery trucks to providing local and organic foods and biodegradable takeout containers, Sysco strives to do what’s right for our business, our community and our planet. They seek to implement ways that can influence the entire foodservice lifecycle, while remaining the global leader in providing products to our restaurants. More on Sysco’s Sustainability »

North High Brewing Company:
North High Brewing is a local company that has taken the steps to incorporate sustainable practices. These include donating all of their spent brewing grains to local farmers who feed them to their cattle, using only electronic receipts to reduce the amount of resources wasted, and using Paktech carriers which are 96% post-consumer recycled plastic. More about North High Brewing Company »

Milligan’s Maple Syrup:
Milligan’s family farm is one of the largest certified family sustainable forests in Ohio located in Amesville, Ohio. This company uses a wood fired evaporator to process maple sap into pure maple syrup with wood from fallen trees, while other producers commonly use an oil-fired evaporator, which greatly effects the environment’s carbon footprint. On top of these practices, Milligan’s utilizes a reverse osmosis machine that removes up to 75% of the water in maple sap and greatly reduces the amount of wood used in the evaporator. More about Milligan’s Maple Syrup »

Ecolab is the global leader in water, hygiene, and energy technologies and services. Their mission is to help make the world cleaner, safer and healthier while protecting people and our vital resources. They are helping companies rethink strategies on ways to reduce waste, increase long-term viability and ultimately, they are tackling solutions that will increase sustainability. More about Ecolab’s Sustainability »

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