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Since opening Cameron’s American Bistro in 1993, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants have become an institution – an essential part of the Columbus experience. We sat down with President David Miller and got his thoughts on what he considers to be the essential Cameron Mitchell Restaurants experience.

Which CMR menu items would you say are the real showstopper, must-try dishes?

  • Obviously, the world-famous meatball at Marcella’s.
  • The Veal Chop at Martini Modern Italian, this also happens to be my favorite dish in the company.
  • The Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli or sushi at Mitchell’s Ocean Club.
  • The Hudson 29 cheeseburger – their sushi is amazing, too.
  • When it’s in season, Cameron’s Walleye at Cameron’s American Bistro.

In addition to amazing food, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants are known for offering unique experiences and amazing ambience. Which restaurant’s unique touches are your favorites?

  • No question, the outdoor terrace and fire pit at The Barn at Rocky Fork Creek is our most dynamic space. The grounds are beautiful, and the outdoor bar is surrounded by hanging lights that impart a comfortable, but elegant ambience. Guests can relax in Adirondack chairs around our fire pit and enjoy a glass of wine or handcrafted cocktail – you really feel like you’re in Napa.
  • I’m also proud of the distinctiveness of The Pearl – numerous team members worked together and drew inspiration from a multitude of restaurants to conceptualize the eclectic gastropub décor.
  • Our newest restaurant, The Avenue Steak Tavern, features a wonderfully nostalgic feel that is really worth checking out.
  • Also, Molly Woo’s has a unique, timeless feel to it that creates an authentic, immersive Asian dining experience for guests.

What are some events happening at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants that people living in or visiting Columbus may not know about?

  • All of our restaurants have amazing happy hour specials, but the happy hour at Marcella’s is very popular – it’s been named best happy hour in Columbus by 614 Columbus and Columbus Monthly for several years – we feature some of the best Italian food in the city, beer, wine and incredible cocktails at a special price. You can’t beat it!
  • The Guild House has a great late-night feel – we’ve recently started featuring a DJ on Saturday nights beginning at 9 p.m.
  • We’re really excited about our summer concert series this summer. We’ll be featuring live music on our terraces at The Barn, Cap City and M at Miranova.

If someone were looking for a great place to relax at the bar with a cocktail, which restaurant(s) would you recommend?
I love the terrace at Mitchell’s Ocean Club – it’s wonderful to treat yourself to sushi, appetizers and drinks on the terrace and watch the world go by. The peaceful terrace at M is also one of my favorite spots.

If you had visitors from out of town for a weekend, which restaurants would you not want to miss?
It’s really hard to choose my favorite – the restaurants are like my children – I love them all! That said, I’d probably hit all of the spots in the Short North just because I love the urban vibe and we have several spots in that neighborhood: Marcella’s, The Pearl, The Guild House and Martini Modern Italian.

You said the Veal Chop at Martini is your favorite dish in the company – what’s your favorite cocktail?
The Marlene Muddle – secret namesake drink crafted by my wife that all of our bartenders happen to know.

How about your favorite dessert?
The Ten Layer Carrot Cake at Mitchell’s Ocean Club – no question. (Get the recipe)

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