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The Pearl is known by Columbus foodies for their made-from-scratch dishes, legendary happy hour specials, classically inspired cocktails, and an exclusive selection of ales, lagers and stouts. For seafood lovers though, this cozy gastropub in the Short North has become a popular spot to enjoy some of the country’s best oysters.

When it comes to celebrating life on the half shell, the Pearl team will feature a special oyster – the Tangier – the week of August 5 in honor of National Oyster Day. We caught up with Executive Chef Jon Deutschle to learn more about this special oyster feature.

This is the second year that The Pearl has featured a special oyster in honor of National Oyster Day. What lead the culinary team to select this oyster?
The Tangier oyster hails from the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia and was recommended by one of our long-term partners. These oysters constantly have water flowing through them, and feed naturally in the sweet spot of the water on a perfect mix of nutrients and salt.

What’s the flavor profile like?
The Tangier oyster has a clean, smooth flavor. The form is stout and the meat is tender – they’re the perfect balance of salty and sweet, with a clean finish.

How would you enjoy this oyster?
These are really clean and well-balanced oysters, so I think you could enjoy them on the half-shell, as is. I would recommend pairing this oyster with one of our draft beers, which will highlight more of its salty elements, or a glass of champagne, which will highlight more of its sweet elements.

For those that are new to enjoying oysters, what would you recommend?
I would recommend starting off with a smaller oyster, as these can be easier on the palate. I also suggest starting with a cooked oyster first – maybe starting with fried, then baked, then working your way up to raw oysters. Also, ask your server – we can make recommendations based on guests’ likes and dislikes. Finally, I encourage guests to experiment with different condiments and flavors like a squeeze of lemon, hot sauce or cocktail sauce.

Be sure to make your reservation to enjoy this special oyster before it’s gone.

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