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High pedigree wines typically do not sell as quickly as those that are more conservatively priced, so serving them fresh can sometimes be a challenge. At Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, we utilize a wine preservation system called Coravin. This system allows wine to be served without ever opening the bottle, preserving the integrity of the product and allowing us to serve the best quality wines at any given time. We have this system in place at 6 of our Columbus restaurants, as well as at all 15 of our Ocean Prime locations across the country.

Preserve fine win with the Coravin system

Coravin was created by a doctor whose intention was to create an at-home preservation system, but over the years it has been proven to be better suited for the restaurant environment. Coravin is the only preservation system that allows our associates to extract a glass of wine from the bottle without oxygen ever making contact with the wine, and as a result, we are able to provide assurance to our guests that their wine will be as if the bottle had only been opened a moment ago when it is poured in their glass. Our average guest does not come in looking for a $25 glass of wine, making it impossible to keep that kind of wine open all the time without losing product, but Coravin makes it so that we can carry wines of a higher caliber to appeal to all of our guests at any time.

Our Ocean Prime locations have been using the Coravin system for quite some time now. In fact, at a recent Coravin meeting, we were singled out as the finest on-premise example in the country. The restaurant business is part-theatrical and Coravin is a visual experience that takes the dining scene to a different level, and creates curiosity within the dining room and around the tables nearby. Not only do we have the opportunity to provide an intriguing visual experience for our guests, but more importantly we are showing them that we are serving wine that hasn’t lost its character.

Come experience an incredible glass of wine and our Coravin system at one of our restaurants today.

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