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One thing I love about Ocean Prime is that at each of our locations, you’ll find slight variations to our menus that include local items and offerings tailored to suit the palates of our guests in each city.

I’ve worked as executive chef at our location in Philly as well as here in Dallas. Our east-coast locations are able to get some of the best seafood from the Atlantic – scallops, sea bass, striper, swordfish and my favorite, our blackened snapper. The snapper is a nice, flaky white fish served with corn spoon bread and jalapeno corn tartar sauce.

In Dallas, our blackened fish is a Texas redfish, which is similar to striped bass or snapper with its mild, sweet flavor and slightly flaky texture. The redfish is harvested locally and is one of our guests’ favorite menu items. Texans also love their steaks, and we are able to source a lot of our meat locally. We also serve Texas corn in several preparations when it’s in season.

The Colorado striped bass is a favorite at our Denver location, in Phoenix we offer blackened swordfish and our brand new restaurant in Beverly Hills will be our first to serve sushi. We are always looking for ways to make our mark in each community we become a part of, and our menu is a great place to start.

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