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To celebrate National Seafood Month, we checked in with two of our Executive Chefs, Chef Sonny Pache at Del Mar SoCal Kitchen and Chef Matt Walton at The Guild House, to hear about their favorite seafood dishes. Stop in to visit these talented chefs and try their dishes today!

Chef Sonny: The Crispy Skate at Del Mar is my favorite seafood dish on the menu.  It is dipped in a light tempura batter then flash-fried. It comes with marble potatoes, pickled Fresno chili, remoulade, & black pepper honey drizzled over top and around the fish. This is my favorite dish on the menu because of how all the flavors complement one another.  The pickled Fresno peppers and fresh lemon juice on the herbs give a freshness to the entire dish.  The remoulade just brings all the components together to really highlight the skate itself.

The Crispy Skate at Del Mar

Chef Matt: The ‘Bristol’ scallops are served with parsnip purée, fresh peas, local heirloom baby carrots, an orange/carrot vinaigrette and garnished with shaved baby carrots and carrot greens. As much as it features the beautiful heirloom carrots, the scallops themselves are really the star. As much as we try to work with local farmers and purveyors we also do as much as we can to source our seafood domestically and responsibly. Bristol scallops are hand harvested and cleaned in Portland, Maine by Maine fisherman from the Bay of Maine. This dish showcases how we put our best foot forward sustainably and culinarily.

Bristol Scallops on a plate with garnish

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