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When Cameron Mitchell Restaurants set out to find its restaurant partners for the forthcoming Budd Dairy Food Hall, it was looking for a partner like Sadaya “Daisy” Lewis. She has a rich family history with food. She has a sharp business mindset. She has piles of accolades. And to top it all off, she has an incredible restaurant: Modern Southern Table.

Daisy grew up working with food when she was just nine years old. From start to finish, the process of creating a meal mesmerized her. First, she’d sort through her ingredients. Then, she’d plan out the dish—something that made the most of what she had. Finally, she went about, with her grandmother guiding each step, preparing a memorable meal.

Her love of food continued as she got older and she eventually spent five years working for her family’s barbecue restaurant. Eventually, Daisy realized that it was time to create her own food legacy: she began her journey when she opened Modern Southern Table in Colony Square Mall in Zanesville, Ohio after she entered and won Food Network’s “Food Court Wars” in March 2014.

Along the way, Daisy also received a Master’s in Business Administration from Capital University. She studied marketing and finance, knowing that she needed to understand her business top to bottom for Modern Southern Table to become the success she dreamed that it would be.

Daisy’s well-rounded approach to her restaurant has paid off. Cameron Mitchell Restaurants is thrilled to announce that Modern Southern Table will be one of the restaurant partners in Budd Dairy Food Hall’s late 2019 opening.

“I can’t wait to share a good, wholesome meal with the people of Columbus, a community I’ve considered to be family for a long time,” said Lewis. “I’m looking forward to sharing meals made from scratch and with love—meals that will remind people of home.”

Budd Dairy Food Hall guests can look forward to trying Modern Southern Food’s sophisticated approach to some of America’s favorite comfort foods. Daisy will offer her award-winning fried chicken, her beloved gumbo, and sides of mouthwatering macaroni and cheese, along with a rotation of other Southern classics.

Daisy sees the Cameron Mitchell Restaurants team as an exceptional group of mentors. She’s built her confidence in her cooking and her business with their advice and support. Working with Budd Dairy Food Hall has been an opportunity like no other and is a chance to expand her culinary skills, learn from the other chef partners, and feed the Columbus community.

When she eats her own food, she’s reminded of her childhood—of cooking and eating with her grandmother at a time when life was good and her belly was always full. Now, she hopes to share the same nostalgic joy with each visitor of Budd Dairy Food Hall.

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