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Eaman Hai, General Manager at Martini Modern ItalianEaman Hai, General Manager at Martini, thrives on developing his team, giving back to the restaurant community and sharing his passion for the hospitality industry. “In this industry, passion is necessary,” he commented.

Eaman interned at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants’ Home Office while studying Hospitality Management at The Ohio State University. He worked in several area restaurants, working his way up from a dishwasher to a manager, and held several management roles before returning to the Cameron Mitchell Restaurants’ family to open Del Mar SoCal Kitchen. After several months, he was offered the General Manager position at Martini Modern Italian. “Cameron Mitchell Restaurants has always held a special place in my heart. The core values, culture and philosophy are things that I’ve practiced in my career, so coming back really feels like coming back home,” Eaman says.

Eaman feels Martini Modern Italian is an “exciting and thriving restaurant – who can say that after more than 20 years? We strive to give guests experiences that become lifelong memories. Recently, a couple who got engaged at Martini came back to celebrate their one-year anniversary. We got some rose petals and flowers and decorated their table before they arrived. It’s an easy thing to do and we told them how special it was they were sharing this anniversary with us. That’s the stuff that I love!”

Eaman is equally committed to his team’s personal and professional growth. “I love developing people. It’s one of the most rewarding aspects of this job – to see people grow and realize their potential and become the best version of themselves. I like to say we’re not in the food business – we’re in the people business.”

Eaman is excited to give back to the industry that has given him so much. “I’m participating in several networking events with Ohio State’s Hospitality Management Association (HMA) – a student-led organization within the Hospitality Management program. HMA hosts events like speed networking and alumni networking to connect the community. It’s an amazing opportunity for students to connect with some of the best and brightest in the industry.”

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