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We are thrilled to introduce our Guild Series Gin – our first-ever signature spirit – developed in partnership with Columbus, Ohio’s Watershed Distillery.

Local distilleries have been gaining in popularity all over the country, and Watershed is no exception. Watershed is currently producing four innovative spirits that feature flavors unique to central Ohio. The company is garnering widespread accolades and has been steadily expanding since being founded in 2010.

Traditionally, gin is widely known for its characteristic masculine, juniper-forward flavor, whereas Watershed’s signature Four Peel Gin is a smooth-bodied, modern spin on the original. The ingenious vision of its founders who successfully reimagined a classic made Watershed our ideal partner. Our endeavor was to create a more palatable and contemporary gin that will pair nicely with our creative, artisanal menu offerings at The Guild House.

Guild Series Gin bottleAfter months of working with our partners at Watershed, we perfected the recipe for our Guild Series Gin. We created seven ‘base’ gins with various botanical selections before finalizing the recipe. We selected a gin that is not juniper-forward in style – the juniper and coriander flavors are there, but are secondary to notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, Meyer lemon, bitter Seville orange, rose petal and tangerine. The result is a delightful, soft, citrusy spirit with floral notes. As you take in the aroma, you won’t mistake the hints of nutmeg and the nice, bright tangerine.

To round out the body and flavor, we do something rather unusual and innovative called post maceration – soaking the gin in chamomile for a few days. We sampled post macerations in rose petal, chamomile and lavender before finally opting for the chamomile – its soft flavor is a unique component that serves to pull the gin together without hiding the other delicate flavors.

If you don’t consider yourself a gin drinker, I urge you to give the Guild Series Gin a try – I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Ryan Valentine
Director of Beverage, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants

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