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Our chefs work year-round to ensure our menus feature seasonal, innovative and, most importantly, delicious food. Creating seasonal additions to our menus involves traveling and sampling fare from around the world for inspiration as well as brainstorming, creating, testing and perfecting dishes before serving them to our guests.

We’ve been working for months, testing and perfecting our newest seasonal additions for fall and they’ve already been popping up on our menus. Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite items that are already available or soon to come!

The Pearl
The fall dish that I’m most excited about at The Pearl is our Teriyaki Octopus with roasted sesame pineapple puree, spicy whole seed mustard, lime and hearts of palm. The octopus is cooked at 180 degrees for five hours before being glazed and roasted. This unique dish offers an interesting combination of sweet, spicy and umami flavors.

The Guild House
We have some compelling seasonal additions to the menu at The Guild House this fall. We’ve added a house-made pasta dish of Cavatelli with a cauliflower ragout, parmesan cheese, shaved duck prosciutto and toasted bread crumbs. We love this item’s depth of flavor and nice crunch from the cauliflower and breadcrumbs – it’s a must-try!

The Guild House is our only restaurant serving breakfast all week long, and we have a couple show stopping autumn additions for breakfast, starting with our spin on Chicken & Waffles. There are versions of this dish on menus everywhere these days, so we wanted to make ours stand out from the pack. We top our waffles with buttermilk brined chicken oysters, chili-seared greens and Ohio maple syrup. Chicken oysters are the two small, oyster-shaped pieces of dark meat that are found on either side of a whole chicken’s backbone – they’re sometimes called the chef’s reward or chef’s treat because they are so tender and delicious.

The breakfast menu will also be featuring an indulgent Lobster & Eggs composition. The lobster is butter-poached and served in a jar with farm-fresh, local eggs and topped with caviar. This dish is incredibly luxe and over the top. We love it.

M at Miranova
We’re going nostalgic at M this fall with our Duck Breast & Thigh – serving up classic flavor combinations with a modern twist. We cook the duck slowly until it’s unbelievably tender, then sear the breast skin until it’s crispy, confit the thigh and serve it with root crop, carrot puree and tops, vinaigrette, brandied cherries and a Marsala glaze.

Cameron’s American Bistro
Jenny Prinze, our amazing new chef at Cameron’s has been busy creating outstanding new menu offerings as well as reworking some of our existing dishes.

Two of my favorites are the Grouper and the Lamb Pappardelle. The grouper is an awesome, classic bistro dish that’s perfect for fall – it’s served with a white bean ragout, pancetta, swiss chard and toasted garlic. Delicious! The lamb pappardelle is a rich combination of braised lamb, whipped mascarpone and a little Granny Smith apple for a touch of acidity.

Our chef team is experiencing a bit of an antipasti renaissance after some of our experiences traveling – particularly to a place we visited while in Boston, so we’ve added new simple Tuscan antipasti selections to the menu at Marcella’s. Our additions include roasted cauliflower antipasti, marinated mushroom antipasti and the item I’m most excited about: Grappa Cured Salmon. We’re curing the salmon in-house and soaking it in grappa, which is essentially Italian moonshine, and serving it with a simple salad of arugula, red onion, cucumber and lemon zest.

Marcella’s is also featuring a new Sausage Rigatoni dish, which boasts house-made sausage using the recipe of our very own Chef Ian Rough. The pasta is served with sweet Italian Sausage, broccolini, mascarpone, chili and lemon.

Hudson 29
We’ve added a new, lighter appetizer selection to the menu at Hudson 29 this fall – the Chicken Meatball with Asian-inspired flavors of sesame and scallion.

Hudson 29 will also begin offering our Trio option this week. Guests will be able to order a soup, salad and sandwich trio featuring our new Roasted Turkey Sandwich. We brine and roast the turkey in-house, slice it thick and serve it on a house-made seeded yeast bun with gouda, avocado and aioli.

The Avenue
Our fall additions at The Avenue include an expertly curated Charcuterie Board with local cured meats and cheeses, house-made chutney and pastrami-spiced bacon.

We’re also adding two new sandwiches: a super flavorful Turkey French Dip with house-brined and roasted turkey, whole grain mustard aioli, celery, onions and turkey jus and a Braised Short Rib Grilled Cheese with sauerkraut and deliciously pungent Emmentaler Swiss cheese.

Chef Brian Hinshaw
Senior Vice President of Food & Beverage

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