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Several of our team members are training for the Cap City Half Marathon slated for April 29, 2017. They’re as curious as we are about how, when and what they should be eating in the week prior to the big race.

We asked our top chefs who follow healthful eating regimens and regularly train to share their best tips and here are the top three:

  1. Most endurance athletes will tell you that ‘carbing up’ the night before is the best way to get your body charged up with stored energy before a long run, BUT… These carb-loading experts start adding more carbohydrates to their diet in gradual steps, each day, in the week leading up to the race. This allows the body to gradually increase the amount of insulin it produces. That insulin support helps effectively store energy for the moment you need it.

    If you do a sudden carb load the night before (a three-course carbohydrate feast of rice, pasta and potatoes) without any ramp up in the preceding days, you won’t get any bang for your buck. And, you’ll wonder why you’re ‘bonking’ (reserves all gone!) mid-race.

  2. When choosing a pasta meal to drive your carbohydrate load, choose a straight tomato-based sauce with no cream. The extra fat in creamy sauces slows digestion and will make it hard for your body to store the glycogen the pasta is trying to deliver. That glycogen is what gives you the energy you need to get through a long run.
  3. A restaurant chef’s job is to make sure everything tastes incredible. They’ve learned that butter makes everything better. Nine times out of 10, your vegetables will be tossed in it, a pat of butter will be added to sauces and toasted bread will get a little kiss. If you’re trying to pedal back on fats, ask our servers to ‘hold the butter’ – everything we make is ‘to order’ and we’re happy to oblige.

Thanks to our athletic leaders, Chef Brian Hinshaw and Chef Peter Chapman, for these Eat Like A Champion tips!

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