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Each chef is driven, motivated and inspired by something different in his or her culinary career. In honor of National Culinary Arts Month, we’ve highlighted some of our talented Executive Chefs here at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. Read on to see what motivates them and find out what sage advice they have for others considering careers in culinary arts.

Jennie Printz
Jennie Printz- Cameron’s American Bistro
Her advice to those interested in pursuing a career as a chef in the restaurant and hospitality industry is to never stop learning and proper technique is everything in the kitchen.
Ryan DeConnick
Ryan DeConnick- Molly Woo’s
Ryan attributes his success to being lucky enough to wake up every day truly loving his job.
Adam Polisei
Adam Polisei- Ocean Prime Tampa
“Once I really started cooking and I realized that creating something in a kitchen could bring so much joy to someone’s day and make a lasting memory on their lives, I was hooked,” says Polisei.
Sonny Pache
Sonny Pache- Ocean Prime Dallas
Chef Pache attributes his success in the kitchen to his co-workers, who teach him something new every single day.
Jon Deutschle
Jon Deutschle- The Pearl
Deutschle’s advice for aspiring chefs – “If you want to be the best, you have to work harder than the best.”
Jennifer Grosskruger
Jennifer Grosskruger- Ocean Prime Philadelphia
Her interest in cooking began when she was a child; she loved preparing simple meals for her family.
Kaitlin Sharbo
Kaitlin Sharbo- The Avenue Grandview
Her advice for aspiring chefs is to continue learning as much as possible about the craft as it’s everchanging. “Work hard for yourself and harder for the people around you,” says Sharbo.
Jason Shelley
Jason Shelley- Ocean Prime DC
Chef Jason is excited to be executing memorable experiences for guests in the nation’s capital at Ocean Prime DC.
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