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For a limited time this summer, The Guild House is featuring two remarkable Copper River Salmon dishes. We have partnered with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute to offer fresh, wild-caught Copper River Salmon during its peak season. Copper River Salmon is a highly sought after, premium-quality product that is only available for a short period of time each year. This type of salmon is particularly rich in heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and is known for its rich, savory flavor and deep orange-red color.

Our friend and artisan partner, Mark Lagergren of Mark Metal Works visits picturesque Cordova, Alaska every year. Cordova is a small fishing town located near the mouth of the Copper River on the East side of Prince William Sound. Mark is passionate about the area and was recently commissioned to create an aluminum sculpture of five salmon ranging in size from nine to 14 feet that will be displayed on the Cordova Community Center wall to serve as a local landmark, welcoming travelers and returning fishermen back to port. Mark has been bringing us samples of Copper River Salmon for years – particularly cured salmon – which inspired us to create dishes featuring this product while it’s available.

The Guild House is offering two dishes made with Copper River sockeye salmon this summer so that our guests will be able to experience the fish in two ways – in a raw and lightly cured appetizer and a seared entrée course as well.

Our first dish is inspired by the deliciously simple cured samples Mark would bring us from the fishermen in Cordova. Our appetizer of cured Copper River sockeye salmon with shaved cucumber, capers and ruby red radish is a light, but exciting way to start your meal. We wanted to create something whimsical – this dish is kind of a play on lox and bagels. The salmon is cured in salt and spices, but just slightly so the fish retains its delicate raw salmon quality and texture. We thinly slice the fish and drape it around the plate and top it with cucumber ribbons, a crumble of everything bagel-inspired seasoning, micro cilantro, ruby red radish, pickled red onion, capers and an exceptionally light tomato vinaigrette. This dish has a lovely combination of textures and flavors that is intriguing yet beautifully balanced.

Our entrée is a seared piece of sockeye salmon with local shiitake mushrooms, spring peas, fresh chick peas and white asparagus puree. We sear the fish until it’s perfectly crispy, then baste it with butter and lemon to make a decadent brown butter sauce. The fish is served on an unbelievably smooth and silky puree of white asparagus, topped with the fresh vegetables and crispy dried shiitakes and the plate is drizzled with the lemon brown butter sauce, resulting in a light and summery dish with an amazing depth of flavor.

We invite you to make your reservation today to try our Copper River Salmon features for a limited time.

Ian Rough | Regional Chef, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants

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