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Exterior of the Barn at Rocky Fork Creek

Cheers to five fabulous years for The Barn at Rocky Fork Creek! As we celebrate this important milestone, we want to share stories from associates who have been part of The Barn family from day one.

Anntonette KociMeet server Anntonette Koci. “When I opened the restaurant in 2015, the vibe of the restaurant was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before – everything was new, exciting, beautiful, and upbeat. I soon came to realize that is Cameron Mitchell Restaurants’ culture as a whole. It’s genuine, and people really care about the work they do. Five years later, I still love taking care of guests and creating a unique experience for them. I love to share our brand with them, starting with our hand-crafted cocktails and finishing with our delectable desserts from our in-house bakery. True hospitality exists within the walls of any Cameron Mitchell Restaurants’ establishment, and with it, a passion for food, drinks and a job well done. You can’t beat a vibe like that.”


The Barn employee Tiffany BealMeet supervisor, Tiffany Beal. “I was there for the opening and it was such an exciting time. I started as a server and have trained as a host, but I’ve also been a trainer for new associates. I wanted to work for Cameron Mitchell Restaurants since I graduated from culinary school. I’ve stayed for so long because I have a great management team – they’re fun and they believe in me. Also, I have met some great friends that I’m thankful for. The Barn has a great future and I’m excited to see the new three-seasons room! I’ve recently been offered a chance to supervise and I hope I can turn that into something bigger eventually.”


The Barn employee Dawn MerrimanMeet Lead Baker, Dawn Merriman. “I was a baker at another restaurant group for 10 years, where I worked a lot of hours. My quality of life immediately improved when I started working at The Barn – Cameron Mitchell Restaurants always puts their associates first. I also teach culinary science at COTC and my goal is to teach full time – my team knows this, and they support my goal. What I love most is that The Barn continues to evolve. When we opened, we had more than 100 people at orientation and had a huge menu. Many of the people have stayed since day one and we’ve continued to refine the menu to keep things exciting and fresh.”



The Barn Employee Danny Reese IIMeet server Danny Reese II. “I’ve worked at the Barn since we opened – the vibe of the restaurant was extremely exciting. All of the associates had a certain pride about working here.  One of my favorite memories was of our initial two-week training. We had games to build rapport and there was a competition to see who could do the most pushups. The associate who won chose between several wrapped boxes. She chose the smallest box and was surprised to find it was a set-up box for a bigger prize – a brand-new TV. Everyone was so surprised, and it began to get other people involved because they didn’t know what could happen or what to expect. That’s a metaphor for what it’s like to work at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants in the best way possible – there’s always something great and unexpected to look forward to.”

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