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Celebrate National Spaghetti Day

January 4th, 2018

Grab a fork and twirl – January 4 is National Spaghetti Day! We caught up with Executive Chef Jacob Glowacki, Marcella’s Denver, to noodle some thoughts about this guest favorite.

While tomato sauce is a popular pick, Chef Glowacki has his favorite sauce pairing for spaghetti. “My favorite sauce would have to be an olive oil and garlic based sauce with some fresh herbs and salt. It may sound like a simple sauce to make, but it’s one of the most technically challenging to execute – if you cook it even one second too long, the garlic will taste bitter.”

We know Marcella’s is famous for its spaghetti and meatball – what’s another beloved spaghetti dish on the menu? “The Carbonara is my favorite dish – hints of garlic, onion and pancetta pack in the flavor.”

Looking to enjoy a lighter dish? “You can cut the amount of pasta with shaved zucchini or butternut squash, and brighten up the sauce with a squeeze of fresh lemon.”

How do you cook the perfect pasta? “The easiest way to cook pasta al dente is to make sure there is plenty of boiling water to give the pasta space to cook – this will also cut a few minutes off the total cooking time. I find it best to finish the pasta in the sauce in which it will be served.”

Don’t let that leftover spaghetti go to waste. “Leftover spaghetti is a very versatile ingredient, I love to use it in a spaghetti pie which is much like a frittata where the spaghetti begins to get a bit crispy around the edges and you can load up with any ingredients you enjoy.”

No matter how you choose to celebrate National Spaghetti Day, we hope that you’ll “ciao down” with us!

National Bourbon Heritage Month

September 12th, 2017

As we’re celebrating National Bourbon Heritage Month, you may be wondering what food to pair with your bourbon. Regional Chef Ian Rough suggests the following dishes at The Barn and The Pearl to pair with your bourbon choice.

”Try the double cut pork chop with caramelized cabbage, bourbon cherries, kale, and BBQ reduction, or the prime rib melt with white

cheddar, cherry peppers, mushrooms, and our House steak fries. Finishing your experience with the chocolate cake with caramel would be very nice as well with a bourbon cocktail.”

“At The Pearl, I highly suggest the Pub Burger, ground fresh daily, with melted Cambozola cheese and tomato jam on a toasted bun served with our house cut Tavern Fries. Also, I would suggest Southern Fried Chicken, served with Cinnamon Sticky Bun and Green Bean Casserole – it’s heartwarming with a nice bourbon cocktail. And be sure to finish your meal with our Brown Sugar Pie.”




Our Exclusive Cameron’s Cuvée is Back for a Third Time

July 19th, 2017

It is a pleasure to introduce you to our third release of Cameron’s Cuvée, our exclusive private celebration wine. We have once again collaborated with the wonderful Trefethen Family Vineyards to create a delicious signature blend.

One of the most fun aspects of this new release is that all of our general managers were involved in the choosing of this blend. While in Napa, the GMs visited the Trefethen Family Vineyards. During their visit, they were broken into teams where they then did a blending and ultimately selected a favorite.

The result was a truly exciting 2014 vintage wine. The Merlot adds a lively spice and herbal character while the Cabernet Sauvignon provides a strong backbone. The Malbec gives delicious fruit characters and a hint of floral, all while also providing a great color to the wine. The Petit Verdot enhances the lush body through to an elegant finish.

The beautiful blend of Cameron’s Cuvée pairs perfectly with duck, pork tenderloin, beef and lamb. It also tastes wonderful with seafood dishes that feature tomato-based sauces or any recipe that includes mushrooms.

You can find Cameron’s Cuvée at Cameron’s American BistroMartini Modern ItalianMitchell’s Ocean ClubM at MiranovaThe Barn at Rocky Fork CreekHudson 29, and The Avenue.

Ryan Valentine
Director of Beverage

Negroni Week | June 5-11

June 1st, 2017

Seven Days. Three Ingredients. One Simple Way to Give Back.

For the fourth year in a row, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants will be participating in Negroni Week from June 5-11, when bars and restaurants across the country will be mixing classic Negronis and Negroni variations for a great cause. Sponsored by Campari, Negroni Week ensures that one dollar from every Negroni sold this week will be donated to Inspire Artistic Minds, a charitable organization that provides opportunity scholarships and educational experiences to advance the arts in the areas of taste, sight and sound, with a strong focus in the food and beverage industry.

According to Andrea Hoover, beverage operations manager for Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, the Negroni cocktail is a slightly bitter concoction, and is typically made of one part gin, one part vermouth rosso (red, semi-sweet), and one part Campari, garnished with orange peel. Hoover said the Negroni is often considered an apéritif, which an alcoholic beverage taken before a meal to stimulate the appetite.

The Negroni traces its roots back the drink back to Florence, Italy in 1919. According to folklore, the cocktail was born when an Italian bartender responded to a flamboyant count’s request for a stiffer riff on an Americano cocktail (a much-tamer mix of Campari, sweet vermouth, and club soda). The patron, Count Camillo Negroni, picked up a taste for strong liquor while working as a rodeo clown in the American Wild West. The bartender added gin rather than the normal soda water and an orange garnish rather than the typical lemon garnish to signify that it was a different drink.

Nine locations will be participating in Negroni Week, with each creating a Negroni that reflects the unique style of each location:


Citrus Negroni | $10
Bombay Gin, Campari, fresh grapefruit, house tonic and Peychaud’s Bitters


Rosemary Americano | $12
Rosemary Campari, Dolin Sweet Vermouth, ice, soda, Collins glass

Rosemary Negroni | $12
Bulldog Gin, Rosemary Campari, Dolin SV, garnished with orange peel and rosemary sprig


Bottled Negroni | $11


Russell’s 10 Boulevardier | $12
Russell’s 10, Campari, Carpano Antica


The Pearl Negroni | $11
Plymouth Gin, Campari, housemade hibiscus vermouth


Boulevardier | $14
Chamomile infused Bulliet Rye, Campari, Carpano Antica


Barrel Aged Negroni | $13
Bombay Sapphire Gin, Carpano Vermouth, Aperol

Boulevardier | $13
Russell’s 10, Carpano, Campari


Guild House Negroni | $12
Watershed Guild Series Gin, Camparii, Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth

Eat Like a Champion – The Night Before

April 17th, 2017

We are with you! (Literally – there are a team of Cameron Mitchell associates running in the Cap City Half Marathon this year.) We all want a good pre-race meal and our chef teams have created some great options for your energy delivery needs. Plenty of scrumptious choices in these fixed-price menus, all available for one night, Friday, April 28, 2017:

The Guild House

  • Grilled Portobello Mushroom, Kale, Quinoa, Pine Nuts, Shaved Root Vegetables, Ricotta Salata, Citrus Vinaigrette
  • Stuffed Poblano, Rock Shrimp, Roasted Corn, Goat Cheese, Tomatillo Lime Dressing
  • Vegetable Lasagna, House Made Pasta, Ricotta, Mushrooms, Crispy Garlic, Asparagus Pesto
  • $43 Per Person (excludes tax & gratuity)

Make a Reservation at The Guild House »

The Pearl

  • Jalapeño Corn Spoon Bread, Whipped Butter, Local Honey
  • Beet Salad, Apple, Egg, Avocado, Candied Cashews, Blue Cheese, Buttermilk Dressing
  • Ricotta Dumplings, Roasted Acorn Squash, Ricotta Salata, Crispy Kale, Toasted Walnuts
  • $37 Per Person (excludes tax & gratuity)

Make a Reservation at The Pearl »

Marcella’s Ristorante, Pizzeria & Wine Bar (Short North Location Only)

  • Prosciutto and Melon
  • Beet Salad – Roasted Crimson and Golden Beets, Wild Arugula, Goat Cheese, Candied Walnuts
  • Penne Alla Arrabiatta – Spicy Tomato Sauce, Toasted Garlic, Sweet Basil
  • $25 Per Person (excludes tax & gratuity)

Make a Reservation at Marcella’s Short North »

Martini Modern Italian

  • Bruschetta – Cacio di Roma, Roasted Tomatoes, Prosciutto di Parma
  • Spinach and Pear Salad – Gorgonzola, Amaretto Cherries, Candied Hazelnuts, White Balsamic Dressing
  • Shrimp Marinara – Radiatore Pasta, Blistered Tomatoes, Garlic, Chili Flake, House Marinara, Basil
  • $35 Per Person (excludes tax & gratuity)

Make a Reservation at Martini Modern Italian »

And, we want to celebrate with you after the race! Marathon Weekend*, show your 2017 Cap City Half Marathon Medal and reward yourself with 10% off the food portion of your bill at any downtown or Grandview Cameron Mitchell Restaurant location. We’ll also donate $1 for every Medal shown to The OhioHealth Foundation.

*Valid at all Downtown and Grandview Cameron Mitchell Restaurants’ locations on Saturday, April 29, 2017 and on Sunday, April 30, 2017.

Good luck, runners – we wish you a great weekend of health and fun!

Eat Like A Champion – Pre-Race Dining Tips

April 10th, 2017

Several of our team members are training for the Cap City Half Marathon slated for April 29, 2017. They’re as curious as we are about how, when and what they should be eating in the week prior to the big race.

We asked our top chefs who follow healthful eating regimens and regularly train to share their best tips and here are the top three:

  1. Most endurance athletes will tell you that ‘carbing up’ the night before is the best way to get your body charged up with stored energy before a long run, BUT… These carb-loading experts start adding more carbohydrates to their diet in gradual steps, each day, in the week leading up to the race. This allows the body to gradually increase the amount of insulin it produces. That insulin support helps effectively store energy for the moment you need it.

    If you do a sudden carb load the night before (a three-course carbohydrate feast of rice, pasta and potatoes) without any ramp up in the preceding days, you won’t get any bang for your buck. And, you’ll wonder why you’re ‘bonking’ (reserves all gone!) mid-race.

  2. When choosing a pasta meal to drive your carbohydrate load, choose a straight tomato-based sauce with no cream. The extra fat in creamy sauces slows digestion and will make it hard for your body to store the glycogen the pasta is trying to deliver. That glycogen is what gives you the energy you need to get through a long run.
  3. A restaurant chef’s job is to make sure everything tastes incredible. They’ve learned that butter makes everything better. Nine times out of 10, your vegetables will be tossed in it, a pat of butter will be added to sauces and toasted bread will get a little kiss. If you’re trying to pedal back on fats, ask our servers to ‘hold the butter’ – everything we make is ‘to order’ and we’re happy to oblige.

Thanks to our athletic leaders, Chef Brian Hinshaw and Chef Peter Chapman, for these Eat Like A Champion tips!

Pairing Up for a Great Run – Marketing Manager Gretchen Moore

March 31st, 2017

Two newer competitors in the half marathon world from the Cameron Mitchell team are Gretchen Moore and her husband Jon Moore. Gretchen is the marketing manager for our Ocean Prime group and Jon works at Nationwide Financial.

In preparation for this year’s race they’re running 6-8 miles three days a week after work with a longer run on Saturday mornings.

Downtown is their running track. Gretchen says it’s a fun way to explore the city and a great way to work off end-of-workday energy. They mix up their routine with runs in the Short North, Downtown, the Scioto Mile, looping around through Audubon Park, German Village, and the Olentangy Trail.

This year’s Cap City Half Marathon will be their third race together. Their running habit started simply for fun and good health a couple of years ago. They’re in a groove now and see these races as an opportunity to challenge themselves and enjoy the experience rather than win the race.

Gretchen’s take on food is to keep a healthy, balanced diet with lots of protein and sweet potatoes to provide extra energy races require. She says, “We love to eat, so we work out, lift weights and run so we can indulge here and there. When we’re treating ourselves we love the sushi rolls and Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie at Mitchell’s Ocean Club!”

When it comes to race day, Gretchen won’t be listening to music. She likes to take in everything that’s happening along the route but says staying attentive to pacing and keeping focus helps her finish strong. She and Jon will be on the lookout for supportive friends along the route – hoping for a beautiful, breezy day everyone can enjoy.

Musical Motivation: Executive Corporate Chef Brian Hinshaw

March 27th, 2017

Earbuds jamming your favorite tunes have become standard workout equipment for almost everyone. Whether it’s musical motivation or a distracting audiobook to break the monotony, having your own soundtrack can keep you heading in the right direction.

As we prep for the Cap City Half Marathon, we didn’t have to look far to find the team member with the most interesting playlist we could share. Our Senior Vice President of Food + Beverage and Executive Corporate Chef Brian Hinshaw won the honors.

Chef Brian’s motivational set list of the moment is a trip through some classic and emerging artist reggae:

  1. Find It Quick / Steele Pulse
  2. More Justice / Stephen Marley
  3. Is This Love / Bob Marley
  4. Fire On the Horizon / Stick Figure
  5. Smokin’ Love / Stick Figure
  6. Hotting Up / Iration
  7. Exodus / Bob Marley
  8. Rootsie Roots / The Green
  9. Warning / Tribal Seeds
  10. The Prophet / Slightly Stoopid
  11. Bright Side of Life / Rebelution
  12. Night Raver / Tribal Seeds

Chef Brian loves all genres of music and his diverse playlists are well-known to the heart of house teams. For now, he says his reggae selections calm his mind which allows him to focus on the physical demands of the workout or run. His favorite from the list above:

Eat Like a Champion

March 20th, 2017

Our talented Regional Chef Peter Chapman has been in the Cameron Mitchell family for 13 years. About five years ago, he was coping with one of the hazards of chef life – long days, eating on the run, his body playing a game of nutritional catch-up depending on when and what he chose to consume. He was forty pounds heavier than he is today.

Tired of feeling tired, and hearing from others that he might want to explore gluten intolerance as a cause for his low energy, he got tested. The test was positive.

In a two week period, after dramatically altering his gluten intake and carefully tracking what and how much he was eating, he lost 20 pounds. The remaining 20 came off in a period of months and today he’s got a regimen that helps him excel at a demanding schedule in a world that is centered around food.

“I’m an emotional eater. If it’s in front of me, I’m likely to eat it just because it’s there and it’s something good. I’ve had to shift to self-monitoring and measuring what I consume while still allowing myself breaks in the routine to enjoy what I love.”

Chef Peter took up Crossfit when he hit the reset button on his food routine and appreciated the community spirit and supportive atmosphere. Now his athletic pursuits center around strength training. He still works out at the FTW Crossfit box three days a week though his focus is on ‘pushing numbers’ – working on building his body strength.

It’s clear when Chef Peter shares what he’s learned that he’s devoured as much as he can about maximizing body performance. For him, it’s science. By adjusting our intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, we can support or squander our hard-fought efforts. Eating like a champion primes our performance. Ignoring the ratios can leave us gasping long before the finish line.

So how can a runner Eat Like A Champion?

When there’s not a race around the corner, Chef Peter says an equal balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates is key to sustainable performance.

A casual runner who does a solid 5K a few times a week doesn’t hit the glycogen depletion point long-distance runners hit when they’ve been on the road for three hours straight. For casual runners, the recommendation is: no dramatic shifts in eating habits the day before a race.

Marathon runners have a different regimen. They’ve been ramping up their carbohydrate intake for about a week before the race. The night before, they’re at about 2 – 3 times their normal carb load. A pre-race evening meal is likely a three-course carbohydrate load of rice, pasta and potatoes.

Chef Peter is an inspiration to our team. It’s no small feat to adopt and maintain a new way of enjoying food in a world where there is always something tempting to create and sample. He’s proud of our commitment to delivering menus in support of our gluten-sensitive guests. In his words, “We’re in this business to take care of people. It only makes sense that we would seek to provide people with safe, delicious ways to stay healthy.”

Cory Irwin | Cap City Half Marathon Runner + Manager at The Pearl

March 9th, 2017

Cameron Mitchell Restaurants is excited to be the official restaurant partner of The Capital City Half Marathon as it celebrates its 14th year. Over 14,000 runners and walkers will participate in the half marathon, quarter marathon and 5K events on Saturday, April 29, 2017.

Several Cameron Mitchell associates will be running the streets of downtown Columbus including Cory Irwin. Cory is a lifelong runner and dining room manager at The Pearl in the Short North.

Cory started running when he was 14 years old (he’s 28 now). He says the sport of running is a great choice after participating in school or professional team sports. “It’s something you can do your whole life.”

Cory will also run in the Boston Marathon two weeks before the Cap City Half Marathon. When we talked to him in early March he was training for both races.

His training regimen consists of running 75 – 80 miles a week with a combination of long runs, interval workouts, tempos and recovery days.

His Boston Marathon training includes longer runs; for the Cap City Half Marathon he’ll incorporate more shorter, faster runs.

On the food side, Cory doesn’t focus on any one food type. He advises runners to “eat to support your energy needs” and admits he’s got a pretty big appetite. Cory eats 3 – 4 meals a day and focuses on healthy choices. Water and Gatorade are go-to beverages for hydration but he says a glass of chocolate milk is a great post-workout choice – it’s the perfect mix of sugars and proteins.

Cory has been a member of the Columbus Running Company team for several years. He’s pictured here in the jersey he’ll be wearing as part of the team on the day of the Cap City race. Look for Cory and cheer him on!

Visit here for more stories from our associates team of runners and tips on how to Eat Like a Champion!

For complete information about the Cap City Half Marathon including links to register and great advice for race prep and day-of events, visit www.CapitalCityHalfMarathon.com.

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