Meet Our Associates

Emily Anderberry in her work attire inside the restaurant.

Emily Anderberry Hudson 29 New Albany

“Genuine hospitality to me means, making sure every individual feels welcomed and catered to. I want everyone who comes into Hudson 29 to understand that they are a unique individual who will receive a unique experience, because they are not only a guest but a person. In order to convey this message I will attempt to fulfill the wishes of every guest with humility, enthusiasm, and ingenuity.”

Jakob Binns seated inside the restaurant.

Jakob Binns Cap City Dublin

“There was one time when my general manager asked me to go to a neighboring restaurant to ask if they had bananas because a guest asked if we could make them a banana split, which isn’t on our menu. This other restaurant didn’t have bananas so my manager left and went to his house not very far away and got bananas to make this guest a banana split. I think this story perfectly embodies the ‘yes is the answer’ motto in our company. I’m thankful to work in a restaurant and for management that cares so much about our guests and making their experiences the best we can.”

Grant Friskey standing against wood paneled wall.

Grant Friskey The Pearl Dublin

“Growing up I had always been interested in the field of hospitality, and I always knew Cameron Mitchell Restaurants were the best example in the industry. When I finally got my foot in the door bussing tables, I was so excited as I knew this was a major opportunity for growth. I eventually moved over to the front of house as a host, and not only have my communication skills advanced, but also my understanding of a fine dining experience. Starting with CMR in 2020 was a blessing in disguise. Nothing was (and still is) going as planned, but together as a group we have had to learn to roll with the punches and face adversity head on with a smile on our faces. I cannot wait for 2021 and all the opportunities it will bring!”

Mya Gonsalves in her work uniform at the Cameron Mitchell Restaurants headquarters.

Mya Gonsalves Hudson 29 New Albany

“Hospitality to me is providing guests with the best possible experience they can have in every aspect. Seeing guests not as strangers, but as part of our family!”

Kacey Keppler leaning on a red leather stool inside the restaurant.

Kacey Keppler Cap City Dublin

“I was actually hired as a server about a year and a half ago. I came from some rough serving experiences, and promised myself I would never serve again. Until one day I came into Cap City in Dublin to grab a couple of desserts. The instant feeling I got dining at this restaurant really impressed me and made me feel good just in the short time that I was there. I watched the way the associates were with the guests and how the associates were with each other. So I asked for a manager to come to my table and just asked him if I could have a job. Of course I went through the hiring process but instantly joined the team. This is by far and always will be my favorite place I have ever gotten to work at. Everyone treats each other like family, including our guests. This is the first time in my life I have not only looked forward to going to my job but being able to actually take pride in it as well. It feels good to be a part of something that is more than just a job. It’s a community and friendship all in and all out.”

Marcus King standing next to the painted Pearl sign inside the restaurant.

Marcus King The Pearl Short North

“Hospitality is more than just a word to me, it’s a feeling. Hospitality is created through an overall memorable experience. One thing I love about working for CMR is they are not only focused on food and drinks, but on how they make their guests and associates feel. I never truly understood the value of hospitality until I started working for CMR.”

Alisha Mackintosh standing inside The Pearl.

Alisha Mackintosh The Pearl Dublin

“I began my journey in the hospitality industry with hotels while in the hospitality management program at OSU in early 2016. I had a Special Events class and Vice President of CMPE, Melissa Johnson was my professor. I knew the brand of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants and had dined to a few concepts over the years, but it was not until that class and hearing the way Melissa spoke so well of the company, the culture, and the people – day after day; that I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. I worked a CMPE event for extra credit in the class and was in absolute awe of the steps of service, the poise from the associates, the helpfulness of everyone around me, it was absolutely electrifying. Again, I knew I HAD to get my foot in the door somehow. Shortly after graduation in 2018, I took a demotion from my then current management position at a hotel here in Columbus and got hired on as a server at The Guild House. From my interview to my orientation, there was never a doubt that I made the best decision possible for my future. After 9 short months of serving, I was promoted to Supervisor and then another 8 months I accepted my first salaried position with the company as the Dining Room Manager at The Pearl Dublin!”

Dominic McElvene standing inside the Barn dining room.

Dominic McElvene The Barn

“To me hospitality means taking care of guests from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they walk out. Doesn’t matter if it’s my guests or not because they’re everyone’s guests.

I’ve been with Cameron Mitchell Restaurants for almost seven years – this isn’t just your normal job. It’s a job that can change your attitude on everything. It’s a job you’re always excited to come to, and every night is always different.

I’m truly thankful for each and every guest that trusts us to dine in and let us take care of them. It’s amazing that we’ve been so steady throughout this whole pandemic.

(After pandemic) Well, I’m looking forward to being able to show my face and travel to somewhere warm and with a beach!”

Taylor Miller standing in front of display case at The Barn restaurant.

Taylor Miller The Barn

“Growing up with CMR has been fantastic. My dad has been with CMR for almost 25 years and my uncle has been with them even longer. My brother and I were both born after my dad started working for Cameron. Hospitality has always been a huge part of my life. To me, hospitality has always reminded me of spending time with my family, and I think CMR has really captured that. All the Miller siblings live in the same city and have always been around family. We have spent thousands of dinners together and have been there for each other at every monumental moment. I am so proud to be a part of the CMR family, and I love working at The Barn. Everyone there has made work so fun and it feels like a family. I absolutely love Molly Woo’s, and I am extremely biased because of Ryan DeConnick. He is basically my uncle at this point. That’s another beautiful thing about CMR, you build relationships with people and will consider them family for the rest of your life.

I can’t wait to finally be able to see everyone’s faces after the pandemic so I can see people smile again.”

Morgan Morris standing against a brick wall in her kitchen uniform.

Morgan Morris The Pearl Dublin

“When this pandemic is over, I will be joining the United States Air Force. CMR has helped me become the person I am today by teaching me how to quickly learn skills that can help me later down the road. I will be taking this strategy with me to basic training; learning-by-doing mentality.”

Molly Morrow in her work uniform inside the restaurant.

Molly Morrow Hudson 29 New Albany

“Hospitality to me means making each experience as personalized and special as possible. When a guest comes to Hudson, I want to do everything I can to give them an unforgettable dinner that caters to their unique needs. Whether it’s a romantic date night or a fun filled evening with friends and family, I want to give my guests the energy and dining experience that fulfills their hopes for the night.”

Kaycee Ritchey in her work uniform standing inside the restaurant.

Kaycee Ritchey Hudson 29 New Albany

“I absolutely love making “YES” the answer because there are so many guests that are beyond surprised when they hear the lengths we’ll go to to make their day/night special. My favorite raving fan moment so far being at Hudson 29 would be these two moms that came in with their little ones, and it was one of the girl’s birthdays. They had the absolute best time throughout their entire lunch, and when I asked them what they were thinking for dessert for the birthday girl they said, “We are thinking of going to Johnson’s.” I said, “No need to even get up, I’ll go get your ice cream for you!” They were so happy and so excited, but my favorite part is how surprised they were. Being able to make that extra step for guests is by far my favorite thing to do. I love making anyone’s day extra special. They were amazing & by far one of my favorite raving fan moments. I look forward everyday for a new raving fan moment during my shift at work.”

Cassie Tustin standing next to the giant gumball machine inside Cap City Fine Diner.

Cassie Tustin Cap City Dublin

“I started working with Cameron Mitchell Restaurants in July of 2018. I have a family friend who was working at Cap City in Dublin and had always heard him talking about how much he enjoyed his job and going to work. I had never worked a day in the restaurant industry and was always told by others to steer clear and that it can be tough. But all I ever heard my friend say was how much he loved his managers, coworkers, and what the company stands for. I finally put in an application and came in for an interview a few days later. When I was walking in the door for my interview, I instantly took a sigh of relief. The host team was so friendly, welcoming, and helpful as soon as I walked in. It was history after that, I started the next day. I had no idea what it was like to work in such a healthy and helpful environment. I was honestly shocked. I feel comfortable asking my managers and coworkers for help if I need it (which is such a relieving feeling especially through 2020). We all work together and stick together. I have made so many great friendships inside and outside of the company since starting at Cap City Dublin. I will forever be grateful for all of the opportunities CMR has brought me and will continue to bring.”

Sous chef Torrie Wagner at The Pearl restaurant.

Torrie Wagner The Pearl Short North

“During my time with CMR, I have had the opportunity to work and open beautiful restaurants across the country and getting to work with some amazing people. My best memories are of my earlier days, working pasta station at Marcellas Short North, learning from and working with some of my best friends now, I even married one! I am excited for the promise of more fond memories in the future.”

Kurt Vanaman standing inside the lobby of the restaurant.

Kurt Vanaman Hudson 29 New Albany

“Hospitality to me means while you’re on the clock, treating every guest like their day is more important than yours. Our job is to serve, not to judge, so why not be good at your job; every single guest you come in contact with should leave here better than they came in. Times are tough right now, why not try to put a smile on someone else’s face? We could all use a little more of that.”

Shenita Wilson standing in front of a display case at The Barn restaurant.

Shenita Wilson The Barn

“I had just been promoted to Private Dining Coordinator and I received a call from the Private Dining Coordinator of Ocean Club asking if we had room to accommodate an event for 30, arrival within 3 hours of the call. I said yes. We all worked together as a team to get menus, food, table set up and all of the amenities that the host requested. It was a success!! We didn’t miss a beat, the guest and host were more than satisfied! That day we made 30 raving guests.”

Amanda Stuart in her kitchen uniform standing in front of artwork at Cameron Mitchell Premier Events.

Amanda Stuart Cameron Mitchell Premier Events

“To me, hospitality is providing our guests with a chance to feel so welcomed and comfortable during life’s greatest moments…giving them a chance to sit back and enjoy the celebrations with their friends and family with no reservations.

Getting people together again is our goal!!! We are beyond ready to celebrate and create magical moments for our guests to cherish forever!”

Caroline Brown standing in front of the neon ‘YES’ sign at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants’ headquarters.

Caroline Brown Cameron Mitchell Restaurants Home Office

“I will be celebrating my 25th anniversary this October. I opened Martini as a server, then transitioned to the Home Office and have been the office manager and our president’s executive assistant for 22 years. Some of my favorite memories are our annual leadership conferences and other trips. I have been very fortunate to travel to amazing places and have made really wonderful memories along the way.”

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