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We are always looking for opportunities to support and promote our associates’ interests outside of their work life. We encourage these endeavors as we know that a well-balanced life that allows for time and energy to be spent doing things we love is what makes people genuinely happy. We were thrilled to discover a hidden talent in Holly Harrah, who works as an internal auditor in our home office. Holly is a gifted photographer who stumbled across her talent with a single photograph, titled Manhattan with Johnny.

Holly was visiting her friend Johnny in Manhattan about a decade ago, and her head was spinning as she attempted to take in all the sites. Luckily, she had her camera and was capturing all the memories on film. Holly noticed her camera was acting strangely, but she kept clicking away. When she dropped the film off to be developed, she was worried that her camera may have malfunctioned and nothing would come out, but when she picked up the photos, she was delighted to discover this masterpiece. There are maybe 15 images or so, stacked on top of each other, all perfectly in focus. Holly says the layers of images perfectly capture the energy of New York City – particularly the feeling she had visiting for the first time – that you can’t take it in all at once. It was with this photo that Holly discovered her passion for photography and has been pursuing it ever since.

Digital photography has become the norm since Holly first began studying photography, so she will use her digital camera to shoot landscapes, flowers and portraits, but her true niche is still in this unique style of stacked photography that can only be achieved using film that’s developed in a lab. She is continuing to perfect her technique and plans to travel the world in search of new cities where she can again capture the essence of a place in a single photograph.

Manhattan with Johnny is hanging on the wall at Ocean Prime New York, where it is an often admired topic of discussion for our guests living in and visiting Manhattan.

Please feel free to email Holly Harrah with any inquiries or to order a copy of Manhattan with Johnny.

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